3 Space-Maximising Interior Design ideas For Your Small Home

23 June 2017
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Designing the perfect interior for your home is always a tricky task. You want it to look beautiful, but you also need it to feel comfortable and functional at the same time. Having a home with very little space, such as a studio or small apartment, can make interior design even more difficult because you have to work within the confines of the limited available space. The art of successful interior design in small homes requires a balancing act. Read More 

Understanding a Few Important Differences Between Window Treatments

30 May 2017
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When you need to choose window treatments for any room of the home, you want to ensure you take the time to compare all your options, and really understand the differences between curtains, blinds, and shutters. Window treatments can be expensive, and they can also make a difference in how well you enjoy the space, as they control light and air circulation in the home; this is why it's important to do some research on your choices before making a purchase. Read More 

Quick Tips for Keeping Your Built-In Wardrobe Neat and Organized

11 May 2017
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A built-in wardrobe is a great choice for a room that doesn't have a closet, or for adding extra storage when the closet is full; it's also a good addition when two people share a room and you want to keep clothes and accessories separate. Note a few quick tips for keeping your built-in wardrobe neat and organized so everything is always accessible and your clothes and other items don't get wrinkled or damaged. Read More 

Indoor Painting Studio for High Quality Modelling

30 March 2017
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Creating your own painting studio inside your home is something that will serve you well if you're modelling competitively. However having the right lighting conditions, furniture and space will make all the difference to your levels of comfort and your ability to accurately paint intricate details. You'll also need to consider toxic fumes if you plan on using spray cans or an airbrush indoors, as well as the type of desk and chair you'll be using to minimise the risk of repetitive strain injuries and back pain. Read More 

Styles You Could Consider For Your Balcony Shutters

20 March 2017
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Your balcony gives you a convenient space to have some quiet time to yourself or with a loved one. However, it can become quite difficult to enjoy spending time in this space during the summer months with the sweltering heat beating down on you. Instead of simply avoiding your balcony during the day, you should consider installing balcony shutters. Not only will these shutters give you the chance to control the amount of direct sunlight you are exposed to, they also provide you with an increased level of privacy. Read More