Styles You Could Consider For Your Balcony Shutters

20 March 2017
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Your balcony gives you a convenient space to have some quiet time to yourself or with a loved one. However, it can become quite difficult to enjoy spending time in this space during the summer months with the sweltering heat beating down on you. Instead of simply avoiding your balcony during the day, you should consider installing balcony shutters. Not only will these shutters give you the chance to control the amount of direct sunlight you are exposed to, they also provide you with an increased level of privacy. Below are some of the different styles that you could consider for your balcony shutters.

Louvred balcony shutters

This style of shutters is one of the most popular designs that you will find in households. They are characterised by having overlapping horizontal slats that have been secured within a frame. Since louvred shutters have a simple yet classic design, they are capable of complementing any style of home. If you would like the louvred shutters to add some visual appeal to your balcony, you may want to paint them a contrasting colour to your overall balcony theme colour. This will make the louvred shutters stand out. Louvred balcony shutters are also beneficial as you have the flexibility to adjust the horizontal slats depending on the amount of light or privacy that you would want.

Board and batten balcony shutters

This type of shutter design has vertical wooden boards that are secured using a horizontal board. They have a distinct farmyard appeal, making them ideal for homes that are designed with a cottage theme in mind. This shutter style would also be suitable if you have a curved balcony. This type of shutter style is also one of the economical alternatives you could consider, as it does not have a complex design.

Panel balcony shutters

As the name suggests, this type of balcony shutter style is made of panels. These panels could either be solid timber or they could be raised to create visual interest on the shutters. Panel shutters tend to be more intricately designed than other designs. Thus, they tend to be ideal for people that are looking to add a touch of modernity or luxury to their balcony. If you would like to have your balcony shutters custom made, you could opt to have the shapes cut directly into the shutters to make them unique and visually appealing.

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