Quick Tips for Keeping Your Built-In Wardrobe Neat and Organized

11 May 2017
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A built-in wardrobe is a great choice for a room that doesn't have a closet, or for adding extra storage when the closet is full; it's also a good addition when two people share a room and you want to keep clothes and accessories separate. Note a few quick tips for keeping your built-in wardrobe neat and organized so everything is always accessible and your clothes and other items don't get wrinkled or damaged.

Use baskets and bins

Rather than simply folding up your clothes and putting them on the shelves of a wardrobe, use baskets and bins or totes to keep them organized and separated. Use one basket for t-shirts, one for underwear, one for socks and hosiery, and one for jeans, and whatever other pieces you have. Being able to stack baskets rather than creating piles of clothes will mean not having those piles collapse and create a mess, and you may be able to more quickly access the pieces you need when you know they're in a certain basket, rather than hunting around piles of clothes for a certain shirt or pair of socks.

If you need to use lots of baskets and bins for your clothes, opt for clear acrylic, or put actual labels on the front of them. This will also keep you from having to pull out every basket in the wardrobe, looking for the right one!

Sort by occasion, not colour

You may assume that shirts and other items should be hung up and sorted by colour, but most people choose their clothes by occasion. In other words, you choose certain items for wearing to the office, those that are for a nice dinner out, or casual clothes for relaxing on the weekend. Once you choose items by the occasion, then you choose the exact piece you want. To keep your wardrobe organized and to make it easier to find things when you need them, group items for wearing to work, then for when you go out with friends, then another group for casual wear, and so on, rather than by colour.

Take out smaller items

Small accessories can easily become a jumbled mess in a wardrobe, and get mixed in with other items so that you can't find anything you need. To remove these items, hang some hooks inside the door for belts, ties, and scarves. Hanging pouches are also a good choice; these pouches provide a clear front so you can easily see what they're holding, and they get hung up on the wardrobe bar along with other pieces, keeping those accessories organized and separated from your main clothing articles.