Is a Home Water Filtration System Worth It?

14 August 2020
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Many people do perfectly well without a water filtration system installed in their home so you may ask yourself why anyone would bother with them. Nevertheless, home water filters are becoming increasingly popular in Australia and elsewhere in the western world. What is it about these systems that make them so appealing in residences? Read on to find out.

Less Unsightly Limescale

To begin with, home water filters prevent limescale from building up around your taps and other plumbing fittings. This means that you have to spend much less time cleaning them because these hard deposits simply don't accumulate in the first place. Remember that it is not just where water emerges that limescale can be a problem in kitchens and bathrooms. Your shower rail, your bathtub handles and even your plug holes can all develop limescale deposits in hard water areas, something that a home filtration system will resolve for you at a stroke.

Longer Living Appliances

There is another aspect of limescale that should be mentioned. Of course, it is unattractive to look at but it also does damage that you cannot see. Without home water filters doing their job of softening mains supplies, the lifespan of washing machines and dishwashers can be severely diminished. Even your kettle won't last as long if you don't filter your water. There again, the same issue can cause problems to the flushing mechanisms inside toilet cisterns. By causing less wear and tear, water filters will make these devices work trouble-free for much longer, saving you money in the process.

Removal of Additives

You may have a very clean water supply in your area. Then again, if you live close to the local water plant, you may face increased amounts of cleansing agents, such as fluoride or chlorine, which are sometimes added to keep the supply free from microbes for the whole district. If you want to drink much purer water without such additives, then a home water filter will make you able to do so. All water supplies have trace elements of chemicals and bacteria, so filtering offers you that extra bit of reassurance that it is healthy to consume no matter where you live.

Heavy Metals

Some mains water contains heavy metals. These are unwanted but often occur in rural areas when the water has come a long way in underground pipes. Lead, barium and even uranium can be detected in water supplies in some states but these, too, are removed by high-quality home water filters in nearly all cases. This fact alone means that home filtration systems are truly worth investing in.

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