Tips To Choosing Custom Curtains To Complement Your Home

10 July 2019
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Windows coverings are important, both functionally and aesthetically, helping to keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer. Along with rugs and plants, window coverings also finish a room, providing a polished look. Here are some tips for choosing curtains to complement your decor.

Be Sympathetic To Style

When choosing drapes, consider the style of your home and select coverings that harmonise. Neat and simply styled curtains will blend in a contemporary space, while formal and luxurious designs better suit a traditional room. If your home has a coastal chic look, light and breezy curtains will help maintain the feeling. In a room decorated in a bohemian manner— rich hues and patterns will be most complementary.

Select Cohesive Colours

Consider the colour scheme also before picking your curtains. To create a cohesive look, use a tint or shade of a hue within the room; it could be a neutral or accent colour. For instance, in a space that uses mocha as a neutral, you could install curtains in a lighter or darker shade. Alternatively, picking up and repeating a shade of an accent colour also produces a polished look. Deep azure drapes, in a white room full of blue accents, will harmonise the window coverings with the decor.

While you can mimic the wall colour with your curtains, adding contrast will create more interest, but matching them can be handy in some circumstances. In a small room, equaling the curtains and wall colour will give the impression that the area is larger than it actually is. Remember, too, if you install patterned curtains in a small space, choose a smaller pattern so it's not overwhelming.

Make Your Windows Seem Larger

Generous windows always look great within a room, and curtains can help to give this effect. Hang them as high and wide as possible to extend a window's dimensions. In a room with a standard ceiling height, attach them about 13 to 15 cm from the ceiling and extend the curtains about 30 to 45 cm on both sides of the window. Curtains should always touch the ground, or they can drape on the ground for five centimetres or so to create a soft romantic or formal look. With custom-made curtains, you can get the perfect fit for your windows for a flawless effect. Installing the same style drapes in different rooms will maintain a cohesive feel throughout your home. Or, if you vary the type of coverings, repeating a colour across all window treatments will help.

Reach out to a supplier of custom-made curtains to learn more.