When It's Time to Install Security Screens In Your Home

14 March 2017
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Security screens are a great way to protect your home without the hassle of a complicated alarm and without unsightly cameras and monitors and other high-tech devices. Security window screens also do more than just keep out burglars. Note when it's a good idea to consider security screens for your home and the many ways they may be beneficial for you.

Keeping out pests

Security screens do more than just keep out burglars and intruders; they can also keep out mosquitoes, flies and other insects much more effectively than standard screens with a loose weave or lightweight screens that are easy enough to bend out of shape, creating larger openings for such pests. Security screens are also much more difficult for your own pets to scratch and bend, so you're less likely to see your dog escape the home when you install a security screen door or windows. These screens can also provide security against raccoons and other such pests that may tend to scratch at screen doors or try to slip through loose screens in windows.

Daytime security

Security screens provide more security during the day and not just at night when doors and windows are closed. If you want to keep the home's doors and windows open during the daytime but are concerned about your security, these screens can be the answer. They can also be a good choice if you have a relative, such as an ageing parent, who likes to keep the windows and doors open during the day or if you have a child home alone during the day. Adding security screens can mean allowing these ones to keep windows and doors open so they can be comfortable while adding security so you know they'll be safe.

Strong storms

Strong storms common in the tropics can mean shattered window glass and dented entryway doors; gravel and other debris from nearby roadways can also cause dents, chips and breakage. Adding security screens in front of the doors and windows can protect them from this damage. You may also see that doors and windows rattle far less in strong storms when you have security screens to cut down on wind and rainfall so your home is quieter during these storms. In some cases, you may even see a reduction in your homeowner's insurance when you install security screens because they offer so much added protection against storm damage!