Refresh Your Room: 3 Cost-Effective Ways to Update Your Home

27 February 2017
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Completely refreshing the design of your home is expensive, and that cost can be hard to justify.  However, it can also be incredibly frustrating if you're stuck with a room that you've grown tired of, and no longer enjoy spending time in.  Whether it sounds trivial or not, it's important that we feel able to relax in our own homes.  Selectively updating key features in our rooms can be one way of doing this on a budget — and you'd be surprised how big an effect a small change can have.  Here are a few things to try.

Blinds & Shutters

If your room currently has shutters or roller blinds, then replacing them with something new, or in a different colour, may lighten up your room and make it feel fresher and bigger.  If your windows aren't currently covered, then adding this feature in will completely change the look of your home.  Either way, the change won't only be visible from inside the room; it'll change the appearance from the outside, too.  Besides, they're also nice for heat retention and a little additional privacy.  Opt for a motorised or automated set of blinds for an even bigger update — but this will come at greater cost.


Especially if your flooring has seen better days, a rug could be the update your room needs.  Whether you have a worn-out carpet, faded tiles or wood that needs replacing, this could be a great way to improve the look of the space.  Even if your floor still looks good, it could really change the look of your room.  Adjust the positioning of your furniture to better accommodate the new shape, and you might find yourself feeling that you're in an entirely new space.  Prices may vary, but there's a good chance you'll be able to find a design you like at a reasonable price.


Replacing the lighting in your room will really make it feel different.  This could be as simple as replacing a lampshade to displace the light differently around the room — but you could also introduce spotlights and standard lamps to open up the space, too.  Experiment with lighting up different walls and areas to see what makes the room feel warmer and bigger.

It may not sound like a big change, but switching up small elements in your room can have a surprising effect.  It's certainly more cost-effective than replacing your furniture and definitely worth a try.